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After 2 years in the planning stages.....
A Powerful NEW Crypto-currency Community has
begun and NOW you can get in on the ground floor!

For a limited time only, SwisscoinTM is giving away 100 Free Swisscoins to its new members who register early! The Swisscoin community does not charge any monthly fees or have any obligations to buy anything - if you don't want to take part in any activities; you can still keep your 100 Swisscoins and use them as you wish. Register below for FREE and receive 100 Swisscoins today.

As we all know, many of the early visionaries of Bitcoin became millionaires. On New Years day 2017, 1 Bitcoin was worth $1000! Experts are predicting that 1 Bitcoin could reach $10,000 or Even $1 million in the years to come. Bitcoin is being more accepted around the world causing the demand to keep on rising. Since there are only a limited amount of Bitcons available, its value will only go up. This means that there is a need for another Crypto-currency and that is the goal of Swisscoin. By the end of 2017, Swisscoin will be trading worldwide as an official crypto-currency and will become one of the top 3 crypto-currencies worldwide. The video below will explain just how.

The Swisscoin Crypto-currency Video Explaination

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Click here to register and receive 100 Swisscoins NOW!

Note: the button to register is in German. Just click on it and you will be able to register. You only need to fill out your name, email, password and create your username to register. Here is what the button looks like:
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Swisscoin Facts and Features

  • Started in June 2016 and has over 500,000 registered members
  • Swisscoin has geographically placed 16 Web servers worldwide for fast connection
  • Swisscoin uses an "open book" centralized blockchain technology
  • Swisscoin’s algorithym will ONLY generate 2 billion in cryptocoin currency
  • 700 million Swisscoin Crypto-currency already generated in 6 months time
  • In August 2017, Swisscoin will go public as an official digital crypto-currency
  • Swisscoin Token Packages available starting at 25 Eurodollars up to 15,000 Eurodollars
  • Learn all about how your Swisscoin Tokens are mined into REAL Crypto-currency
  • Swisscoin's Crypto-currency value will only increase with time
  • All members receive a free Swisscoin secured online banking account
  • Load your account now with Eurodollars to:
    • Instantly send money to any Swisscoin member worldwide without fees
    • Buy Training Packages containing Swisscoin Tokens to be converted into Swisscoin through the crypto-mining process
    • Pay online with Eurodollars or Swisscoin without fees (coming in the near future)
    • Buy, trade, sell and pay online with Swisscoin crypto-currency once it goes public like bitcoin
FACT: The Swisscoin launch, like Bitcoin, will only happen once! There is no better time than NOW to start acquiring swisscoin crypto-currency!

Since Swisscoin is still in the development stages, it is set up as an educational program with individually priced Training Packages that can be purchased in your back office after you register (totally optional). Each Training Package will give you Swisscoin Tokens that will be processed into Swisscoin crypro-currency through a unique "open book" blockchain technique. Training Packages start at 25 Euro Dollars. The Training Packages teach all about digital Crypto-currencys and many other financial investment systems. More details are found in your back office after you register.

Here is a breakdown of all the SWISSCOIN Training Packages:
Package Product SWISSCOIN-Tokens Mining Price
TRAINEE Academy Level 1 200 1 split € 25
TESTER-50 Academy Level 2 500 1 split € 50
TESTER-100 Academy Level 3 1000 1 split € 100
TESTER-250 Academy Level 4 2500 1 split € 250
TRADER-500 Academy Level 5 5000 1 split € 500
TRADER-1000 Academy Level 6 10,000 2 splits € 1000
CRYPTO-TRADER Academy Level 7 25,000 2 splits € 2500
CRYPTO-MAKLER Academy Level 8 60,000 2 splits € 5000
CRYPTO-BROKER Academy Level 9 90,000 3 splits € 7500
CRYPTO-MANAGER Academy Level 10 120,000 3 splits € 10,000
CRYPTO-DIRECTOR Academy Level 11 200,000 3 splits € 15,000

SwisscoinTM is much more than a digital crypto-currency. You will soon discover that SwisscoinTM is very unique compared to other digital currencies. One reason is because the Swisscoin Community handsomely rewards its members for joining and referring others.

Swisscoin’s Digital Network Marketing Rocks!

  • No expensive empty juice bottles or vitamen containers here
  • 100% online system with down-loadable digital financial educational products
  • No monthly membership fees or autoshipments!
  • A free fully loaded powerful back office and marketing website
  • Unlimited first line direct referrals - no "dead legs" binary system like "Onecoin" has
  • Earn on the business volume of your referrals and their referrals down to 11 levels
  • No monthly business volume quotas to earn commissions

Swisscoin Business Concept Highlights

  • 10% Commissions on the Business Volume of all Your Personal Referrals
  • 10% Fast Start Bonus on Your Business Volume for the 1st 30 Days
  • Up to 22% Commissions on Your Team's Business Volume
  • Matching Bonus on the Business Volume down through 11 Levels
  • Diamond Pool Profit Sharing paid twice Yearly
  • Huge Profit Potential with Your new Swisscoin Digital Crypto-currency
And most important is Swisscoin's 60/40 Commission Rule which allows you to cash out 60% of your commissions anytime! The 40% Repurchase Rule not only generates more Swisscoin digital currency, it forces more Business Volume to explode your residual income!

Click here to register and receive 100 Swisscoins NOW!

Note: the button to register is in German. Just click on it and you will be able to register. You only need to fill out your name, email, password and create your username to register. Here is what the button looks like:
Swisscoin Register button

Swisscoin’s Business Opportunity Is Amazing!

The SwisscoinTM business concept of giving away 100 Free Swisscoins to its new members makes it so easy to get referral signups. Do you know anyone who would not want to receive 100 Swisscoins for FREE?

One of the Swisscoin members who has acheived the rank of Green Diamond (in less than 4 months time) is my upline sponsor. He has earned over 300,000 Euro dollars and has over 100,000 partners in his downlines. He shared a screen-shot picture of his back-office, showing off his back office for our team members. The screenshot of his back office is to show you what is possible when you share the Swisscoin opportunity to others.

Click here to see the screenshot.   |    Click here to register and receive 100 Swisscoins NOW!

Crypto currencies are the people's response to the crises of our time. One only has to think about the recent financial, economic and currency crises of 2008. Traditional banking systems with FIAT CURRENCIES and corrupt policies are mostly at fault. In these global times of uncertainty, SWISSCOIN digital crypto-currency will play an increasingly important role in the future of securing financial security and stability for your entire family.

Swisscoin, like bitcoin, is a futuristic online payment system and online banking system where you can instantly send or receive money anywhere in the world without paying any fees. Swisscoin, unlike bitcoin offers a lucrative multi-level Network Marketing Opportunity from the very beginning speeding up the growth of its Crypto-currency.

Now you can become part of the new SWISSCOIN community for FREE and get started today as a ground floor member. As mentioned above, many of the ground floor investors of Bitcoin became millionaires.

Swisscoins Once you register, you will be able to login to your back–office where you will see your 100 FREE coins already placed into your account automatically.

You will also receive a website link to refer others who want to be ground floor members and receive their 100 free Swisscoins. Click here to see my referral link. Also, if you take part in the business opportunity, you will receive a copy of this website for free.

Note: All members will be required to prove their identity before they can take any money out so it does not make any sense to open several accounts just to get lots of free Swisscoins. The security and integrity of Swisscoin is of the utmost importance.

Even though the Swisscoin community offers a unique non-restrictive business opportunity that is multi-level and offers 5 different ways to make money; passive investors are also welcome and can exchange paper currencies for Swisscoin Tokens and watch them grow in value while their paper money keeps deflating. Swisscoin Tokens will never be cheaper than right now! You can view Swisscoin sort of like a penny stock with EXPLOSIVE growth potential! There is NO RISK to become a member because there are NO membership fees, autoships and or monthly fees in the SwisscoinTM Community! Plus you get 100 Free coins just for opening a free Swisscoin online bank account. You definitely don't want to miss out on the 100 FREE Swisscoin!

Register NOW and get your 100 Swisscoins and start telling others! Here is the link to register: http://swisscoin.eu/goldcoin

Note: the button to register is in German. Just click on it and you will be able to register. You only need to fill out your name, email, password and create your username to register. Here is what the button looks like:
Swisscoin Register button

More About SwisscoinTM Project

Swisscoin's administrative and technical offices are located in Lucerne Switzerland. Because Swisscoin has chosen the Eurodollar as its monetary currency, the sales and marking offices are located in Leipzig Germany. Swisscoin uses the Leipziger Volksbank for their business banking account.

The reasons for the SWISSCOIN company headquarters being in Switzerland is mainly due to the known location advantages like the long tradition of privacy, the stable and direct democratic policies and a supportive environment in computer science to mention just a few.

Swisscoin is surrounded by Fintech thought leaders like BitCoin, Ethereum, Monetas, Block Chain Source, Swiss mining and many other innovative companies in the field of crypto currencies. This is where the future standards in cryptography and the algorithms for crypto currencies are being developed and implemented.

But also very specific, Swisscoin has acquired considerable expertise in cryptography and security topics. And best of all, crypto currencies are treated as foreign currencies in Switzerland meaning that no new legislation is required and the control environment is extremely advantageous.

As you can see, everything is falling into place with our well planned–out project SWISSCOINTM.

Join the Swisscoin community and secure your 100 Free Swisscoins NOW - Here is the link: http://swisscoin.eu/goldcoin

Note: the button to register is in German. Just click on it and you will be able to register. You only need to fill out your name, email, password and create your username to register. Here is what the button looks like:
Swisscoin Register button


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